About Me

I was raised in the back woods of Colorado. Aside from playing in the snow and climbing mountains, I developed a keen interest in computers, science, music and creating things. As a young nerd going to college, I quickly realised Graphic Design was for me. Since then, I met a nice Aussie lady, moved to Oz and got a surfboard and a motorbike. I have a good sense of humor, don't take myself too seriously and get along well with most people.

What I'm good for

I am skilled at designing UI for websites and apps, logos, printed material and many other things. I have an intuitive grasp of user centred design and usability. My style is quirky and unusual, but I can comfortably work in most other styles. I have worked on many projects from brief to concept through to finished product. I can build websites from start to finish and am especially good at front end design. I can install, set up and customise Wordpress and Joomla sites. I have a detailed knowledge of pre-press from my time working for printers. I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and am always full of ideas, some of them good.

I am skilled at Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I know HTML, CSS and the basics of JavaScript and PHP. I am quick to embrace new tools and am constantly searching for new ways to achieve interesting results. I pick up the basics of a new program right away, and if if sparks my interest, I start learning advanced features quickly.Below is a graph showing my proficiency over time.