Create Something Everyday - Code Experiments

In 2013 I challenged myself to create something new every day. Here is a selection of HTML, CSS and Javascript experiments I made to test some cool modern browser features. For best results, view in Chrome on a desktop (I only had a day after all). Screenshots to the left, links to live pages below.

Paralax scrolling experiments (scroll up and down, and resize the window):


SVGs animated with CSS only:

Hypnotizing whirlpool
Lines moving in waves
Lines moving in a circle
Dots moving around a hexagon
Wavy moving dots
Hotdogs swimming in a pool
Squiggly lines

Using  the awesome paper.js library:

Interactive circles (move the mouse around) 
Random circle generator  (refresh the page to see different ones) 
Random fractal generator (refresh the page to see a new one)

View the full years worth of creations on my tumblr page.

December 2013